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The Annual Innovations, Careers & Education Exhibitions (ICE) is poised to be the region’s leading, largest and most exciting career education expo dedicated to Innovation, Careers and Education, ICE is an annual event primarily targeting children and youth within the East Africa Community countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.

ICE events have created an amazing platform for career education, networking, and exposure that has impacted over 25,000 young people directly through participating and visiting the shows. The expo among others brings the participants face-to-face with career achievers from various professional societies, employers with exciting demonstrations, and includes several games and challenges for self discovery.

Choices is a weekly career education and career exposure forum that we run in partnership with schools, mosques and churches to help take career guidance closer to young people 18years to 25 years from less fortunate schools and communities. The four hour career exposure forum targets young people in vacation, high school and university.

The forum focuses on 12 critical issues in personal career preparation namely; Self-awareness; Career & Work Exploration; Financial Literacy; Networks, support systems and relationships management; Mentors & Role Models; Skills development:-Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Intellectual Skills, Leadership skills, Practical/ Technical skills; Work & Building work experience; Subject Assessment & academic excellence; Financing Education; Tour and Travel; Reading for Leading and Resources. 3,240 young people from the central and eastern regions of Uganda have so far benefited from this program.

LEAD Business Forum is a monthly business education and skilling forum that targets young women between 18-28 years passionate about a career in business. The program promotes young women livelihoods development, business competiveness and economic development through self-awareness training, business skills training and business mentorship. Empowering them with skills, information resources and exposure to enable them build more efficient, productive, profitable and sustainable businesses.

The Edison Career Mentorship & Leadership Program will start in August 2016, the program is aimed at developing the self-confidence, mindset, leadership capacity and level of career preparedness of young leaders in local government, business, and NGO/CBO sector so that they can ultimately accelerate and strengthen the impact of their projects.

The program will admit 100 young leaders annually and 25% of its participants are to be drawn from across other East African community countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi.